Sunday, December 28, 2008

Financial Suggestion For The Year 2009

Now you will enter 2009 and many people use this moment to reflect and determine the goal to reach and many people intend to be better. May be you want to improve the relationship with parents or may be you want to increase your income. So I have tips you can implement in your family. So you can plan your financial problem be better.
From now on pay your family routine outcome just from your routine income. Example you get $ 1000.000 every month and your outcome is $ 900.000 so just finance it from your routine income.
Although there are outside post outcome like emergency and not routine one. Use your savings to cover it.
If you don’t have money for point 2, you had better postpone that.
From now on, prepare your children education whether by savings or apply in insurance of education.
Determine the reserve fund. It can be used if your husband gets fire or gets bankrupts.
If you don’t have insurance, just take it. You can insure your home, car or even your soul.
Save your coins in a saving box and it forces you to save and it effects good for all age.
Think to get increase in your income. Why don’t try to run other business. Who knows it can be succeed in the future.
Happy New Year 2009. I hope this year everything will run better for you and your family, including the financial planning in your family.

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