Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Yahoo Finance Is The Best Financial Website

Yahoo Finance is the best free solution for analytical Finance data on the internet. When I was a young Investment Banker, I used to use Yahoo Finance all the time to check on daily stock prices. It is absolutely great for young poor college professionals who don't have much money and would like to learn more about Finance. If you cannot afford expensive data services like Bloomberg and still want to conduct basic financial analysis, then Yahoo Finance is for you.
Yahoo Finance can totally help you with many different tasks. You can get all the latest news on companies that you are interested in. Simply punch in the company's ticker and get all the latest information about that particular company. It even works for mutual and index funds. If you are looking to study macroeconomic data or country specific currency data, Yahoo Finance can provide you with exchange rate data as well.
If you are looking to do financial modeling, you can get excellent historical data on Yahoo Finance about any company or mutual fund you choose. Then you can download the data in csv format to use with any spreadsheet program of your choice. This is a wonderful feature because it provides you with the very raw data you need to make a price graph. Then, you can use the graph to figure out future price movements, trends and shapes. This is incredible for any up and coming technical analyst.
Because Yahoo is strong in a lot of different countries around the world, you can even access international data concerning many emerging economies. So, if you are studying Asian or South American economies, you can now get good reliable data about these countries as well. Also, get historical currency exchange rate data that can be of great help when charting forex graphs and predicting prices.
The best feature in Yahoo Finance is the ability to create your own mock portfolios. You can now pick companies that you think will do well and create your own portfolio. Then, you can see if you would have made money using those decisions. You can buy and sell as many shares that you want depending on chosen price points.
You even get customized news alerts for the companies in your portfolio. I would recommend that you create as many portfolios as possible to learn as much as you can about different types of investments. This is also an excellent learning tool for those people who are looking to learn more about the stock market.
Yahoo Finance can be an absolute boon for anyone wanting to start out in Finance. If you are looking to learn how to go about conducting yourself in the market, then getting to learn the ropes is a breeze on Yahoo Finance. I would recommend the site to any newbie. It is truly an excellent offering from Yahoo and it comes at a great price: free. So go ahead and register yourself, get your own user name and password and you can be off on your own Finance adventure.

3 Tips for Achieving Financial Freedom

Let me start off by saying that we live in a very distracted world currently, where consumerism is king. Just what is consumerism? It's the thought or idea passed on my companies and marketers that we need every new gadget, gizmo or even latest designer suit that comes out. Now, let me ask you this. Just how much is enough. There are many out there with brand new designer clothes with the tags on them after a year's time! This should tell you something, we are living in a time when 'shop-aholic-ness' is the new addiction of disease -if there is such a word.
It's the notion that we must buy absolutely everything we see on tv, hear on radio e.t.c. Just because it's trendy, we need it. Well, I'm hear to snap you out of this unrealistic and financially devastating dream that you maybe living in. Far better to strive to one day become financially free and live the type of lifestyle congruent to your newfound Financial Freedom status. It is a goal that every aspiring lifestyle dreamer should be seeking. I want to show you 3 Tips for Achieving Financial Freedom in this article.
The following is three easy tips for Achieving Financial Freedom that you can start applying almost immediately.
Start a Journal and track what you spend. One of the biggest issues that you possibly have right now is that you aren't actually tracking what you spend. You maybe floating on a financial ship that has leaks, tracking where those leaks are in your financial life will keep you financially afloat and also help you towards your goal of achieving financial freedom.
Get Rid of All Bad Debt. What do I mean by 'bad debt'? I'm talking of the debt that is not part of an investment strategy but instead you have to pay it down yourself every month or so. E.G. A Brand new car is an example of bad debt while a rental income house that a tenant pays your loan is good debt.
Pay More Than Your Minimums. If you want to eventually get out of debt and achieve financial freedom, you should be paying more than the minimum each month. Start with your lowest debt and wipe it out, then start on the next and vice versa.
Just implementing these three steps in your lives will be more than possibly what 90% of people are not doing. These people are not financially free usually and entrapped by our consumerism example above. If you want to achieve that goal of finally becoming debt free, come up with a measurable plan and stick to it. Imagine what your life would look like without having to worry about the burden of debt on your shoulders.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lending to Businesses

If a bank is lending to someone for personal use, the loan is just another expense for the borrower to take from their monthly income. It doesn't enhance their ability to make repayments and if anything, it reduces their ability to repay because presumably, their funds were already committed elsewhere.
But, if you lend money to someone who already has an established business and they intend to use the funds to further invest in that business, then one could argue, that they are increasing their ability to repay their loan and therefore increasing their covenant strength.
On the other hand some people say that by lending someone money for home improvements, it increases the value of the underlying asset but they forget that in a repossession scenario, you'd be looking at forced sale recovery value anyway as you don't know in what condition the property will be left. In my mind, it is better to increase the value of the covenant (i.e. the borrower) because there is less chance you'll end up in a fire sale. Furthermore, if the investment in the business does yield results, then the borrower will be able to draw more money out of the business and so the home improvements may be done anyway.
Finally, the last thing to bear in mind is that someone who relies on their business to generate themselves a living will fight their hardest to keep it afloat because the last thing they want is to lose their source of income and may well be a more responsible and commercially aware person.
In conclusion, it makes more sense to lend to people that will invest in a business than to lend to people that intend to spend the money on themselves. They are likely to be far more responsible borrowers.
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